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Welcome to the Vintage Mirium Blog. I am writing this with a plan to post the fabulous vintage furniture, collectible pieces and incredible bargains that I find along my browsing travels that I can’t always purchase for myself  but feel the need to share.

In 2009 I had an opportunity to open a store on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I called it Mirium. I filled it with beautiful French country homewares and furniture along with vintage collectables that I would source at auctions and charity stores. The vintage furniture was a huge success and I loved finding odd pieces and repainting them in french vintage colours. My shop was always changing depending on my latest finds bringing home garden furniture, vintage beds and chairs.

This business all came about from my love and need to change a style or function of a room in my home. In the 13 years of living in my current home with my two children, now 16 and 13, it has evolved and reshaped itself countless times over the years. Not only for the toys, lounge or study but for my husbands and my office, studio and lounging areas. As I love to change styles and furniture around me I have needed to find a way to make this economical. This has been possible not only by repainting second hand furniture but also by researching other possibilities, warehouse sales, seconds and eBay. Honestly some of my most incredible finds were on the side of the road tip out!

Running a retail business in furniture and homewares gives me access to great bargains amongst some great suppliers. Please peruse my Catalogues either at the link at the top of the page or here to get access to some great value.

You’ll find some great ideas on this blog to apply yourself and transform your home however if you would like me to assist you in sourcing furniture or homewares for your home then please look at the Sourcing page at the top of this page or click here.

Enjoy this blog,

Kristen Radge
Sydney, Australia

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