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Factory Seconds

Factory Seconds is another avenue to seek great value for purchases around home. We were in the market for an outdoor table for our patio and I was wanting to steer away from the mainstream outdoor furniture and had my hopes set on a more provincial look that was in keeping with the updated changes to our home.  Searching for a while around retailers I found the typical price for good quality outdoor furniture was much higher than I was prepared to pay. Finding what I wanted meant looking at discontinued and seconds stock.

I finally found what I wanted in a warehouse in Sydney’s South. The outdoor set was a Venetian table top with Amalfi bases including 6 chairs and was a Factory Second. During delivery it had been dropped and sustained a small hairline crack on the table top. I was hard pressed to see it and in fact had to get one of the warehouse staff to point it out to me. It was very, very minor. I could live with that… particularly since it had been discounted >$3,000 as a result.

I purchased it and had it delivered to home. Browsing through Freedom I found some inexpensive seat covers for the chairs. I laid some plastic down over the table to protect it from oils. Perfect.

Check Factory Seconds as an option for high ticket options. It can save you a fortune.

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