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KitchenAid are renowned for manufacturing some of the best kitchen appliances in the world. Notable their mixers are robust are sought after in Australian kitchens. Downside is that in Australia KitchenAid products are very expensive. Typically buying a standard KitchenAid Artisan Mixer KSM150 from a major retailer will cost you something in the order of $795. In the US they are half the cost. Since I was not in a real hurry for a KitchenAid mixer I did some research to see how I could get the best value.

In the end I bought my KitchenAid online through Amazon in the US. It took around 4 weeks to deliver. Here is how it worked out. Note that the US dollar (USD) was a little above 1:1 with the Australian dollar (AUD) so consider 1 USD = 1 AUD after credit card fees taken out.

USD$360 KitchenAid Professional 6-Quart Pewter Mixer
USD$68 Icecream maker (AUD$195 at major retailers in Australia!)
USD$106 Shipping
AUD$148 Step-down Transformer to convert Aus 240v to US 110v

The mixer, if it was available in Australia, would be around $1000. Along with the ice-cream maker therefore I’d say that I have saved >$500.

A quick note on buying appliances from the US. Electrical equipment in the US runs on different voltage. Here in Australia we have 240v and in the US it is 110v. Therefore if you buy electrical equipment from the US you either have to ensure it has been modified for 240v for use in Australia or use a step-down transformer. In Sydney you can buy step-down transformers from places like TorTech. TorTech have a special write-up on using Kitchenmaid appliances in Australia here. As the KitchenAid model I was buying has a powerful 575-watt motor I needed to get a 1000watt step-down transformer. Further I purchased a US type powerpoint (see photo) from the equivalent of Bunnings when I was last in the US. An electrician wired in the step-down transformer so it was out of sight.

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