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Late last year we had builders and landscapers do work on our house and garden. One item that was outstanding for our outdoor patio area was a BBQ. I did a little research and found out that in general built-in external BBQ’s fall into two categories. Either they are cheap low quality units with lots of metal or very expensive and not necessarily aesthetic to the eye. Discussions with various folk we determined that Weber builds a good quality external BBQ unit at a modest price. Trouble was though it was an external unit. So what if we sat one of these Weber BBQ’s inside a frame so as to make it look like a built-in unit? The builders were asked and they said no problem.

An external Weber was purchased, brought home and the metal “wings taken off”. The builders then quickly knocked up a frame which was easy for them as they were onsite anyway. For the table top we decided on stone. A visit was made to a local marble granite merchant. A suitable off-cut (effectively waste stone from another job at a much cheaper price than you would get otherwise) was purchased and they were asked to cut it to size. Now the stone was expensive at around $1000 but it makes such as dramatic impact to the final BBQ look. The builders fitted the stone top and the BBQ was ready.

The final product is shown below and looks great.

So key lessons here are that if you involve tradesman or builders try and get a whole lot done at once and include “incremental work” rather than spacing things out into multiple jobs and secondly use offcuts where possible for things like kitchen benches (we used offcuts for some of our kitchen tops), sandstone (we used offcuts for our fireplace) or in this case a stone table top.

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