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The Evolving Home

We purchased our first digital camera in 1998. At the time it was at the forefront of technology however it allowed us to take an increasing number of photos for virtually no cost. Today our immediate family has a photo library of over 40,000+ photo’s. Obviously with that number of photos it is difficult to take a “browse” one evening to reminisce old times. Since 2000 we have created an annual family  compilation. That is a compilation of slideshow and short family movies of the most important things done for that year. The annual compilation runs for about 15-20minutes. Looking back over these annual compilations one thing that really sticks out is how our home has changed. I mean profoundly changed.

I see things like furniture upgraded, rooms transformed and rooms changed from toy rooms to recreations rooms and study areas as the kids grow up. Furniture and homewares have been swapped  as tastes have changed. Colours of the house have been repainted from Wasabi Green and  Burnt Orange in the early days to more neutral shades today. So what has happened is our home has evolved as our family grows up. Opening my Mirium store with beautiful vintage furniture and homewares, gave me so much more scope to be able to purchase these beautiful pieces that I would find at Auctions, Vintage stores or Charity shops. It was an open licence to go larger scale than what I had been doing in my home for decades. Mixing these individual pieces, with other items I would research for at Seconds stores and various Sales, created excellent value and translated into a home that was contemporary and personal.

One of my favourite finds at a local Charity store has become a feature piece in our home.

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